50 years of Academic, Moral, Religious Excellence at Nigeria’s Leading Islamic School

Olamilekan Qayum Omidiji

One of the school’s distinguishing features is its commitment to fostering a deep understanding of Islamic teachings. The curriculum is designed not only to impart knowledge but also to instill a profound sense of spiritual awareness in its students. From memorizing the Holy Quran, and learning the rudiments of Arabic language to comprehending the intricacies of Islamic jurisprudence, students at Ibadullah Islamic School are equipped with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of modern life while staying rooted in their religious identity.

What sets Ibadullah Islamic School apart is its dedication to nurturing both the spiritual and professional dimensions of its students’ lives. The institution recognizes the importance of producing graduates who not only excel in their religious studies but are also poised for success in the broader professional landscape. The school’s alumni stand as living proof of this philosophy, with many of them making significant contributions in various fields.

Owing to the quality of Its students, hundreds of Ibdallah alumni have been offered scholarships overseas in various disciplines with several of them earning PhD and some becoming lecturers.

One notable alumnus, Dr. Ojora (Yusuf) Mardiyyah Abiodun, credits Ibadullah Islamic School for shaping not only her religious beliefs but also her professional trajectory. “The Madrasah has also instilled in me a sense of discipline, dedication, and a strong work ethic. The rigorous academic environment, the emphasis on memorization and understanding, and the constant pursuit of knowledge have shaped my approach to learning and professional development. These qualities have been invaluable in my career, allowing me to excel as a Medical practitioner and continuously seek growth and improvement.” reflects Dr. Ojora, now Managing Director of Darus-Salaam Hospital.

The madrasah’s impact extends beyond the walls of its classrooms, reaching deep into the communities it serves. Ibadullah Islamic School actively engages in outreach programs, promoting literacy, and community development. Over the years, it has also been featured on TVC during Ramadan for Islamic Enlightenment Sessions. With these initiatives, the school continues to be a catalyst for positive change, embodying the true essence of Islamic teachings.

The school’s leadership, comprised of dedicated scholars and educators, remains committed to upholding the institution’s legacy of excellence. “Our mission goes beyond merely imparting knowledge. We strive to mold individuals who are not only well-versed in Islamic teachings but also possess the skills and values necessary to contribute meaningfully to society,” says the school’s director, Sheikh Sulaiman Yusuf Adewuyi.

As Ibadullah Islamic School celebrates its five decades of existence, it stands tall as a symbol of educational enlightenment and spiritual growth. Its impact on the lives of countless individuals reverberates through generations, illustrating the profound influence a dedicated institution can have in shaping not just students, but the fabric of an entire society. In southwest Nigeria, Ibadullah Islamic School continues to be a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to a future where faith and excellence go hand in hand.