Baba Adini of Lagos, Sheik Abdul Hafeez Abou is dead

Sheikh Abou died late Tuesday night.

He was 101.

Sheikh Abou is one of the topmost Islamic scholars in Nigeria.

His death was confirmed by the Vice Chairman of the Executive Council, Lagos State Central Mosque, Alhaji Alabi-Macfoy.

“WE therefore regret to announce the death of our father-In-Islam, BABA ADINNI OF LAGOS – (HIS EMINENCE SHEIKH ABDUL HAFEEZ ASHAMU ABOU, OFR) who died TODAY Tuesday, 9th January, 2024 at his residence.

“PLEASE JOIN us by 2:00 PM TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, 10TH JANUARY, 2024 at the LAGOS CENTRAL MOSQUE for his JANAZA PRAYER after which we proceed to ABARI CEMETERY for burial,” the statement stated, in part.