E-Naira: Nigerians Easy Way to Gain Financial Freedom

The E-Naira concept introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria is not only meant to ensure effective cashless transactions but it is also a way of earning income by Nigerians.


E-Naira is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) like fiat naira with same value but comes with more Possibilities and it is controlled and centralized by CBN. This is a national financial product for Nigerians using mobile phones to achieve the cashless policy (both Android and palasa) in rural and urban areas.This product comes with more unique features like you can carry it in a safe wallet inside your phone to use it at your convenience, easy to carry about,secured on blockchain technology unlike fiat money due to robbery attack and much more.
This product is easy to use and user friendly with easy guide by the author of the article.

FREE (NO charges for peer to peer users, e-naira account to another e-naira account users 24/7).

It is people-driven with a focus on financial inclusion for the unranked, to make livelihood and business transactions easy for Nigerians at home, in diaspora, neighbouring countries etc.

The financial product comes with a very attractive incentives and commissions for users and agent operators providing e-naira support services like agency banking and others as daily residual income.

This financial product has open up new opportunities to drastically reduce unemployment in the country.
At this level, there are 4 categories of employment the e-naira brings; such as (a) Advocate (b) Agent (c) Aggregator and (d) Super Aggregator.

We shall discuss who needs the E-Naira business

Raymond Ogar, an E-Naira Merchant and Business Support Manager, writes from Oshodi, Lagos.