Estimated Billing: Lagos Mainland Residents ask EKEDC to Stop the Exploitation

Investigation by The Bliss News, reveals that the Eko Electricity Company continues to issue estimated bills to residents in the area, which constitutes a flagrant violation of the “Amended Order on the Capping of Estimated Bills for Eko Electricity Distribution Plc., 2020” (Order No. /NERC/212/2020).

Lagos Mainland East residents, in separate interviews and from a monitored community development association meeting showed estimated bills of tens and hundred of thousands on a monthly basis for an erratic monthly electricity supply.

Towards actualizing the residents objectives, executives of the Community Development Association of the area, following several meetings with residents, have collected, collated and returned the latest bills served by the EKEDC on residents until every house in the area is metered.

It was further revealed that residents of the area have, in accordance with the law and regulations, demanded that all houses in the area to be metered, a development that has led to years of litigation against the EKEDC, who, despite all efforts and appeals have refused to do the needful.

Meanwhile, Lagos Mainland East residents have declared their determination to ensure prepaid meters are installed in each house, failure of which they have resolved not to back down on this quest.