Former Films Censors Board DG, Thomas advocates TFD for societal development

By Amidu Arije

The PhD student of Benue University spoke in Oshodi on Friday while presenting his practical project on “Censorship and Classification Education in Rural Communities” which is a prerequisite for the award of PhD.

He also emphasised that TFD is an important tool for community education on films censorship and societal development.

The Baale of Mafoluku and Ajao Estate, Oshodi, Lagos while speaking at the presentation where a film on the project was shown to the audience, said the Theatre for Development remains a pivotal tool in educating the masses on theater and films and also a strong tool for nation building.

He said; “Being in the censors board for seven years, I saw some lacoonals that I felt there is need to solve the issue in terms of education and censorship I feel the need to solve the issue using TFD and that is why I am running my PhD which will end soon at the Benue State University.

“Theater for Development is to know the level of education of people on TFD and that is what prompted my enrolling for the PhD.”

“”I discover that the only way to resolve the challenges is through this research work to bring to educate the people on importance of the TFD to reform the society. I am using TFD to instigate actions for general development and not only for the film industry.”

Thomas advised the youths to guide their intellectual capacity and make judicious use of the mobile phones at their disposal judiciously and channel their talents into productive creation not for the fun of it.