Group Calls for Sack of NSCDC Boss over Allegations of Fraud, Corruption and Nepotism

Following a ceaseless spate of complaints and outcry from the public, the Conference of Harmonized Civil Society Organisations (CHSCON), a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) that serves as an anti-corruption watchdog in Nigeria has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to immediately sack and investigate the activities of Mr. Ahmed Audi, the current Commandant General of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) over allegations of corruption, nepotism and other vices.

Convener of CHSCON, Otunba Adebayo Femi in a statement made available to journalists, maintained that Mr. Audi has become a national shame and embarrassment to public service as his tenure has been marked with series of fraudulent activities including crass disregard for the Procurement Act as well as deliberate attempt to shortchange contractors for his personal gains and those of his cronies.

According to Otunba Adebayo Femi, “we have received series of complaints from well-meaning Nigerians who are aware of the work we do in fighting corruption and we have made our investigations. Mr. Audi remains one of the most corrupt public servant remaining in this country as he has turned the NSCDC into his fiefdom and personal business where he cashes out shamelessly without recourse to due process and the Procurement Act. Such gross misconduct has no place in the current administration which has shown clear commitment and capacity to fight corruption headlong. Mr. President should therefore immediately suspend, investigate and sack, Mr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi for his crimes”.

The CSO noted that previous attempts to bring Mr. Audi to book where stalled as he bribed his way out and killed the investigations initiated against him using the money illegally acquired through shady deals and exploiting the weaknesses in the Nigerian justice system. In addition, the group accused the CG of courting politicians to buy himself some protection and immunity instead of using the funds allocated to the NSCDC for the purposes earmarked.

“Mr. Audi has been notorious in evading investigations under the former administration. His questionable affiliation and criminal lobby of high profile politicians and traditional rulers has always been his cover but this is a new era and he must face the wrath of the law. It has been confirmed that as part of his plans to buy himself some immunity and protection from the ruling class, Mr. Audi used funds meant for the NSCDC to sponsor some politicians instead of paying contractors and executing projects that will have direct bearing on the Corps and its personnel. This shameless display of smartness must stop forthwith to pave way for a leader that will restore the dignity of the NSCDC and restore the low morale of officers and men of the Corps”, the statement added.

The group similarly accused Mr. Audi of nepotism and favouritism, adding that, since his assumption into office, Federal Character, merit, qualifications and experience has been jettisoned in favour of tribal and religious affiliations. It further decried the illegal deployments, appointments and witch-hunt that followed whoever tried to question his draconic ways.

“Mr. President, your appointments so far have clearly shown that you’re not a tribal or religious bigot. Nigerians across party and religious lines are clearly impressed with your stewardship but there is a misfit currently in your administration and he must leave. Mr. Audi should be sacked and the lopsided promotions, postings and redeployments done to protect his criminal activities should be reversed in favour of Federal Character, experience, due process, merit and competence to boost the morale of officers and men of the NSCDC. Mr. President, you have sacked several corrupt officials so far, do this for Nigerians to solidify your place as a true anti-corruption hero”, the CSO pleaded.

Aside diverting contracts to his companies and those of his cronies, the CSO also accused the CG of shamelessly diverting funds meant for election allowances for NSCDC officers for elections in Ekiti, Bayelsa and recent general election as well as the denial of so many welfare packages meant for staff under his watch.

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  1. Bigotry and Self centered character like Audi should not be tolerated in this dispensation of rejuvenating the course of development, so as to enhance smooth advancement of our economic growth devoid of corrupt headship in public sector as the mechanic of corporate governance

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