International Day of the Boy Child: Group Celebrates Boys’ Uniqness

… Calls for attention on the boy child’s holistic, education, training

There seems to be a paradigm shift in the celebration of the girl child in Nigeria and globally as a nongovernmental organisation, The Pure Mind takes the bulls by the horns to nurture the souls of the boy child in an attempt to build a virile and complete successful boy and nation.

The group led by Modinat Adigun who is popularly called Munawarah said the clamouring for the boy child education becomes necessary as many a time the boy child is often forgotten or neglected whereas there is no virile nation without the contribution of the boy child.

Adigun said if the society must be at peace the boy child must also have an all round education, training and proper upbringing.

Speaking with The Bliss News on the sideline of the celebration of the international day of the boy child where her organisation held a seminar for the boys on the theme: “promoting positive models in boys” to enlighten them on their unique nature and why they are important to the development of their society.

She said; “The boy child is being neglected in the society, this prompt me and my colleagues to take up the responsibility of taking care of the boy child in its holistic approach. This is because if the boy child is left untrained, they end up in all sort of harmful activities such as becoming drug addicts and hooliganism, these we want to prevent.

“We have in the past organised training programme for the boy child in different fields such as carpentry, mansory and furniture making, and we have been monitoring the progress of these boys after the training. I can tell you today that majority of them are now off the streets doing great in their chosen fields.”

The founder of The Pure Mind called on the government at all levels to pay more keen attention on the boy child education and training.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Hakeem Onasanya, Head of Startups Innovative of the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund advised the boy child to be focused and model themselves with the future they project for themselves with a role model of sound quality and character to be their guide towards their journey to success in life.

Onasanya who was the keynote speaker on the occasion enjoyed the boys to be positive agents in their various communities urging them to always have positive mindset towards achieving their dream career.

“Look around you and model your life around those with proven characters whose characters and qualities match with your future ambition, you must be able to have a role model that guides you towards righteous acts and directs your path to greatness. Don’t loose focuse of your dream career, pursue it with energy and rigour,” he said.

Public relations officer of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Lagos State Council, Mr Abiodun Ajayi tasked the government, parents and every member of the society to pay attention to the boy child saying many evil acts being perpetrated in the society are being spearheaded by the boy child.

He calls for building of capacity and training of the boy child if a decent and peaceful society is desired.

He said; “We need to build capacity and skills with these boys, we need to teach them how to teach them the act of self esteem, capacity building and all inclusive education.

“The government should make learning an all inclusive, th here should be all inclusive policy and also they should help to make our recreational centres and technical centres effective to enable the boy child learn different skills to succed in life and become positive agent in the community and nation at large.”

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