LASG Deploys 500 Cameras for LASTMA officers

In its effort to ensure effective traffic management and decongestant roads of prolong traffic, the Lagos State Government has deployed addition 500 Traffic Management Solution (TMS) devices to personnel of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) to enhance transparency in traffic management across the State.

The General Manager of LASTMA Mr Bolaji Oreagba disclosed this at the formal closing ceremony of a 21-day scientific training of personnel on the usage of these devices.

Mr Oreagba disclosed further that the present administration has brought lots of modern technological innovations to address transport challenges of the State of which the body camera was one for accurate traffic management among many other benefits.

According to the General Manager “the ‘TMS’ body cameras will provide accurate validation of any tale tendered by both the traffic law Officials and motorists also, pictorial and video evidences will help in the course of investigating complaints lodged by aggrieved motorists”

On the operation of these cameras, Mr. Oreagba assured that LASTMA Officers have been duly trained on the usage and so they are capable of handling these gadgets adding that the camera would have significant effect on defiant behaviour on the road.

He said; “It is going to be a transparent procedure for both the Law enforcement Officers and motorists as minor arguments on traffic Laws violation will be put to rest through detailed recordings to be presented/analysed at the Lagos State Mobile Court. “

Mr. Oreagba however enjoined members of the public particular motoring public to always be conscious of traffic law and obey every road traffic signs across the State.

A LASTMA officer (Olokodana Daodu) who emerged as the best Officer during the training sessions said the camera would provide another layer of security for LASTMA officers by dissuading would-be attackers from carrying out their heinous crime knowing they would be captured by the body camera.

He however thanked the Lagos State Government for providing the Agency with these devices as he said it would drastically reduced physical contact with motoring public particularly with traffic violators during enforcement across the State.

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