LASG Drops 9 am-4 pm Operating Hour Restriction on Filling Stations

The Lagos State government has backed down its earlier notice of 9 am-4 pm operating hours for petroleum stations on major roads in the state.

The government has said the major and independent petroleum marketers have been causing traffic logjams on the roads due to continued queues by motorists to buy fuel from the stations.

But it said, since the marketers have agreed to ensure no traffic logjam on the roads, the earlier restriction of their operations will no longer take effect.

This was said by the Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, in a statement on Friday.

In the statement obtained by The Bliss News, Dr. Oladehinde said the idea to restrict the operations of the marketers was not to compound the hardship the residents are facing over lingering fuel scarcity.

He said; “the Lagos State Government has noticed the reactions generated by its directive to major and independent petroleum marketers operating on major roads.

The measure is to stop the traffic congestion that has resulted from their activities; it is not to compound the hardship motorists and commuters have experienced because of the lingering fuel shortage.

For the avoidance of doubt, filling stations are not restricted from doing their business, but fuel marketers have a responsibility to ensure that their activities do not cause any disruption whatsoever to traffic flow. It is against the law to impede the free flow of traffic on our roads.

Following assurances from some of the offending filling stations, the 9 am to 4 pm restriction will no longer be enforced.

Traffic Management Agencies have been directed to invoke the law should any marketer be found to have allowed queues on its premises spill onto major roads in a disorderly manner that impedes traffic flow.”