MSSN @70: MSSNLagos has impacted education positively – Amir

Speaking during a press conference to officially commence activities to mark the 70th anniversary at the Lagos State Secretariat Mosque, the Amir of the state, Kamaldeen Abiona said MSSNLagos has been a pivotal tool in shaping the education sector in the state.

Education, Abiona said the MSSN has impacted positively on students in the state through various scholarship programmes, organization of extra mural classes where revision classes are held for students during examinations.

He said; “here in Lagos, the MSSN chapter has been a pillar of support for students, providing a platform for intellectual growth, spiritual nourishment, and personal development. Through its numerous programs and initiatives, MSSN Lagos has empowered countless young individuals to realize their full potential and become responsible citizens and future leaders.
Our impact extends beyond religious education. MSSN has consistently championed academic excellence. We offer scholarships, organize revision classes, and promote a culture of continuous learning. These initiatives have played a significant role in shaping the success stories of countless Nigerian graduates who are now making their mark in various fields.”

Speaking further, the Amir said aside academic contribution to the state’s education, the MSSNLagos has also contributed greatly to leadership training and personal development of students in the state by advocating against hard drug and drug abuse among others.

He said; “MSSN has carved a niche for itself within the bustling student landscape. Our chapters across schools and institutions have become hubs for intellectual discourse, social engagement, and community service. We provide a safe space for students to navigate the complexities of their academic journeys and personal lives.

MSSN Lagos has been at the forefront of addressing challenges faced by students in our dear state. We have advocated for improved student welfare facilities, including better hostels, affordable transportation, and accessible healthcare services. We have also championed efforts to combat the menace of cultism and drug abuse within educational institutions.”

While commenting on the general overview of the MSSN in Nigeria, Abiona said the students body organsiation has remain a trailblazer in all spheres.

He said; “Over the years, MSSN has made remarkable strides in various spheres of our society. From providing educational scholarships to needy students, organizing impactful community development projects, to advocating for the rights and welfare of students, MSSN has been a catalyst for positive change.
The organization has consistently promoted academic excellence, moral uprightness, and social responsibility among its members, thereby contributing to the overall development of our nation.”

In celebrating the 70th anniversary, Abiona said; “the theme for this momentous occasion, “The Next Big Thing,” is a powerful call to action. It compels us not only to reflect on our achievements but also to envision the future we want to create for ourselves and generations to come.”