MSSN OAC: 30 Years of Impact and Societal Development

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) was established in 1954 with the goal of promoting the academic, religious, and moral development of Muslim students in Nigeria. The Oshodi Area Council of the society was founded in 1993, and it has since been instrumental in transforming the lives of young Muslim students in the region.

MSSN emerged in Oshodi at a time when it was known to be in a despicable state. There is always a story of cult clashes, thuggery, theft, among other social vices at the time. During these days, many would have lost hope of any good emanating from Oshodi. Fortunately, a group of Muslim brothers belled the cat and resolved to make an impact in the region.

One of the most successful initiatives of the society is the Usrah program, which is a weekly gathering of Muslim students for religious study and spiritual upliftment. Through this program, students are taught the fundamentals of Islam, including Quranic recitation, Islamic jurisprudence, and the importance of good character. The program has been transformative for many students, and a number of them have gone on to become a model in their environments and religious scholars in their respective local mosques.

The Usrah program is a small group meeting where the participants engage in an intensive and interactive religious discussion. The meeting takes place once a week, and the discussions are facilitated by religious scholars who are versatile. The program helps to build brotherhood among the participants and creates an environment where students can learn from one another. The discussions are designed to promote critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and an appreciation for the diversity of Islamic thought.

Apart from the Usrah program, the society also provides tutorial classes and mentorship programs to help students achieve their academic goals. These classes are conducted by experienced teachers who provide guidance and support to students who are struggling with their studies. Many students who participate in the society’s programs have gone on to achieve academic success in their chosen fields.

According to Mufutau Mojeed, an audit and assurance associate with Deloitte, the society has been a major push toward his academic excellence. “In 2008, I remembered attending an MSS camp in JSS 3 where I was motivated and I promised myself to be serious about my goals. I then moved from 70th position to 7th in class.” He said. 10 years after, Mojeed later graduated with a First Class in Mathematics from the University of Ilorin with a Masters in Actuarial Science.

Sulaiman Nuh, a specialist in the development of renewable and low-carbon energy also has this to say; “The society has impacted me in a measure that I cannot quantify and qualify. It’s too enormous to mention. My zeal for the pursuit of knowledge (both Islamic and Western), the essence of spiritual embodiment and the need to salvage the society, and so on but I can say I am what I am today largely due to the training and mentorship of the Organization.

Narrating the impact of the society on him, the Senior Reservoir Engineer of Sterling Oil Exploration and Energy Production Company Limited, Temim Yusuf enthused that the society has impacted him in many more positive ways than he can state. Aside from providing a platform for him to learn Islam, MSSN gave him lots of opportunities to serve the Muslim community. Through the MSSN, he noted he has been able to improved his administrative skills , presentation skills, amongst others.

Beyond religious and academic pursuits, the society has also built strong relationships with the communities in which it operates. Members of the society are actively involved in community service and outreach programs, including Free Medical Check-ups, Environmental Sanitation, among others. The society has also organized various community development programs, including skill acquisition programs and empowerment initiatives for youth.

In conclusion, the goal of the society is to continuously impact the society and contribute to societal development. In its 30 years of existence, the MSSN Oshodi Area Council has made a significant impact on the lives of Muslim students in the region. Through its Usrah program, tutorial classes, mentorship programs, and community outreach initiatives, the society has helped to promote academic, religious, and moral development, as well as contribute to the overall societal development.

The society’s work is especially important in the context of Nigeria’s social and economic challenges, and it serves as a model for other organizations to follow. As the society continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to its goal of positively impacting the lives of young people in the community.

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