MURIC Calls for probe of Melaye, others over alleged smuggled N50b new notes from CBN

The last has not been heard of the alleged smuggling of N50 billion new notes by Senator Dino Melaye and some others from the Central Bank of Nigeria as an Islamic human rights organisation (MURIC), called for probe and thorough investigation into the allegations.

MURIC in a press statement by its director, Prof Ishaq Akintola said the act is grave and it is frown at and condemn in its entirety.

He said: “Some media sources published reports of alleged smuggling of N50 billion out of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) by Dino Melaye and his co-travellers two days ago. This is a grave allegation when contextualised within the current fiscal crisis being faced by Nigeria.

“MURIC frowns at this behaviour which has been associated with Senator Dino Melaye, a prominent politician. It is mean, self-serving, unpatriotic and disgraceful. Politicians who participate in such an operation should bury their heads in shame. They are insensitive to the suffering of the jamaaheer (masses).

“Nigerians are hungry. People all over the country cannot find cash to buy food. Parents have no old or new naira to give their children and wards to use as transport to school. Workers are keeping away from work due to the nonavailability of cash. Many travellers are stranded. Businesses are at a standstill. Nigeria as a corporate entity holds its breath and trembles.

MURIC charged the federal government to take immediate and urgent action to set machinery in place to unravel those behind the reported case and ensure no stone is left unturned in.thos case in order to ensure that the new naira notes get to every Nigerian.

“We call on the Federal Government (FG) to immediately set the machinery in motion to unveil the veracity of the report. In the same vein, we call on the security agencies to spare no efforts in meting out appropriate punishment to bank officials found to have sabotaged the ongoing naira swap.

“The intention was good but the implementation is haphazard. Apart from the fact that the CBN governor has not been transparent and sincere enough, the timing is wrong. Nobody changes currency in an election year. This naira swap is laced with red herrings.

“We therefore appeal to FG to expedite action on finding solutions to the plethora of problems associated with the distribution of the new naira notes in order to mitigate the suffering of the hoi polloi.

Prof Akintola appeal to Nigerians for calmness and patient in the face of the cash crunch currently ravaging the country.

He said: “By the same token, we appeal to Nigerians to temper action with common sense because it is also the poor and innocent citizens who will suffer most if violence breaks out. Demonstrations should be avoided at this time because that is what hoodlums are waiting for. They will hijack the process and start looting shops and properties of poor Nigerians.”