Nigeria @63: Keep Hope Alive, Nigeria will be Great; Oshodi-Isolo Council Chair, Otunba Oloyede Urges Nigerians

Nigerians have been urged upon to keep hope alive and be supportive of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration as he strives to restore the glory of our dear country, stressing that the labour of the founding fathers of our country will not be in vain.

The Executive Chairman of Oshodi-Isolo local government, Otunba Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede has said on his Independent Day speech, where he commended the selfless spirits of leaders who fought relentlessly for the independence of our dear country, Nigeria.

Otunba Oloyede averred that those late leaders who vigorously fought for our independence were driven by their sense of patriotism and desire to ensure that future Nigerians enjoy freedom and independence, disclosing that they have our prayers at all times.

He urged Nigerians to promote ideals that unite us rather than ones that divide us.

The council honcho disclosed that our diversity is a strong positive weapon that should be tapped towards having a virile and prosperous Nigeria.

Oloyede also appreciated the heroes and heroines who fought relentlessly for the return of democracy in the country, noting that they have bestowed upon us an acceptable form of government, where the opinions of both the majority and minority count during decision making. He said despite our teething stage, democracy is still the best form of government across the globe.

The council boss while congratulating Nigerians on the 63rd Independence Day celebration assured to continue his giant strides on infrastructural development across the council’s jurisdiction, appealing to the people to continue to support his administration in the local government and continue to live in unity.

He said; “I, on behalf of the executive, management and the entire staff of our dear local government, congratulate Nigerians especially residents of Oshodi-Isolo local government on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of our dear country.

We congratulate our leader, a political father on presiding over and witnessing the 63rd independence day anniversary of our dear country, I want to urge Nigerians to keep hope high and work toward the betterment of the country, they should always be positive about the country. This is the only country we have, let’s keep hope alive and believe that Nigeria will be great. May God bless the federal republic of Nigeria, Nigerians; may God bless Lagos state and may God bless Oshodi-Isolo local government.”