Ramadan: Lagos HoS, Muri-Okunola Felicitates with Muslim Faithful

The Lagos State Head of Service, Mr Hakeem Muri-Okunola has felicitated with Muslim Faithfuls in the State, especially the Lagos State Public Servants for witnessing another blissful month of Ramadan.

Muri-Okunola in his congratulatory message stated that this period of Ramada𝘯 is a time to rededicate our lives more in prayers and devotion to the Almighty Allah.

He implored all Muslim Faithfuls to imbibe the teachings of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) of sending supplications to Allah as they rely on the golden bridge called, Dua and an excellent way of life called Islam that links our lives together.

“Everyone should dedicate time in prayer for peace, unity and economic stability of our country Nigeria and pray for a prosperous month ahead” he said.

He thereby asked the Almighty Allah to grant everyone good health (khayra shifa’a ), blessings of this month (Neima), mercies of this month (Rahmah), and goodness in this world and the next.

While urging all and sundry to extend act of benevolence to each other by showing love to one another especially the less priviledge among us.

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