Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Palestine announce first day of Ramadan 1445AH

In an official announcement made by the Saudi Royal Court, it has been confirmed that the Supreme Court has designated Monday, March 11, 2024 AD, as the commencement of the blessed month of Ramadan for the year 1445 AH.

This declaration, marking the beginning of the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, comes after careful consideration and consultation by the Supreme Court.

The Crescent Sighting Committee within the Qatari Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs has also confirmed that Monday, March 11, 2024 AD, marks the commencement of the sacred month of Ramadan for the year 1445 AH.

Similarly, both the United Arab Emirates and the State of Kuwait have also declared that Monday marks the start of Ramadan, aligning with the announcements from Qatar.

Additionally, Palestine announced that Monday will be the first day of Ramadan in the country.

With this decision, Muslims in the Kingdom and around the world will commence their observance of fasting, prayer, and reflection in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

The announcement reinforces the importance of the lunar calendar in determining significant religious events and underscores the commitment of the Saudi authorities to uphold religious traditions.

During Ramadan, Muslims refrain from food, drink, and other physical needs from dawn until sunset. The holy month is also a time for self-reflection and charity.

Because the Islamic calendar is lunar-based, the beginning and end dates of Ramadan depend on the visibility of the crescent moon, which causes the fasting date to shift annually as well as in different countries.