TeamNigeria4change Condemns Call for Military Intervention

The President of TeamNigeria4Change, Mr. Bestman Nze-Jumbo has described as utterly ridiculous and condemnable, the call by some groups for the military to interfere in the ongoing political situation in the country.

According to him, those who grew up during the military era and who witnessed some of the harrowing experiences of the period will never ever wish for its returns to the administration of the country.

In his words, ‘’some of us as kids grew up during the various military governments, in fact some of us were actively involved in the agitations as undergraduates for the return of democratic governance. I recall vividly how Nigerian students and the civil societies rose up against the military administration of General Ibrahim Babangida when the freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria was annulled in 1993. Even when Babangida was disgraced out of office, we didn’t stop the agitations. We stood solidly and saw to the departure of General Sanni Abacha, another military ruler who has globally been described as one of the most ruthless rulers out of Africa. So, we find it particularly alarming and disingenuous that anyone will be calling on the military to intervene as seen by a group that went to protest and invite the military at the Defense House a few days ago’’.
Speaking further, Nze-Jumbo opined that no democracy is perfect, even the last election in the United States was followed by allegations of irregularities by the losing party but that did not lead to their citizens calling for the truncation of their democracy.

The democratic rule Nigeria enjoys today was hard fought for and won, and no group or individual out of their selfish reasons has a right to call for its truncation.

All over the world, the appropriate thing to do by those who are aggrieved by the outcome of a democratic process is the court of law, as clearly stipulated in the constitution of the Nigeria and as globally recognized by all nations and the united Nations.

Military governance is out of fashion and a call for military intervention by any individual or group should not be taken lightly by the Federal Government in order not to be accused of complicity. Calling on the military to intervene in a democratic process is treasonable and those involved should be so treated.

Nigeria’s place in Africa as a continent is very critical and germane to the peaceful existence of the continent and the West African region, it is important that those who wants to cause chaos within the region by calling on the military are called to order and restrained immediately.

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