Tinubu will fix Nigeria – Alausa

Alausa said Tinubu means well for Nigeria and its citizens saying the current economic challenges will be tackled frontally by him to reposition the country as giant of Africa.

The minister of state for health and social welfare spoke in Lagos at the official handing over and commissioning of global funds project of 72 Hillux vehicles, tuberculosis machines and xray machines to the Nigerian government.

The vehicles and equipment are meant to be used to booster health delivery services in fight against HIV/Aids and spread of tuberculosis in Nigeria.

Dr Alausa while speaking with newsmen assured that the materials and vehicles will be judiciously be used for the purpose they are meant for and well maintained.

He called on Nigerians to shun vandalism and all acts inimical to the development of the country.

“We are on the right trajectory, things are getting better, I know we are not where we should be, but this president is determined to fix this country from the bottom up so that in years to come, we will have a country that we will all be proud of. We just have to be patient with president Tinubu as he has taken very difficult decisions to move the country forward, after every thing, there will be joy at the end of the tunnel.”

“Global fund is one of our biggest partner helping us in area of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Over the past decades they donated about $4.6b in grant support and of course Nigeria as well has met our own commitment to the global fund by putting about $40m into the grant support they have given us. We will continue to work with them as our development partners.”

“We are also partnering on strengthen our health care resource and personnel so that 10-20 years from now when the grant are done, we as a country will have enough human resource capacity to continue move ahead in protecting our citizens. We are committed to doing that, the president has given us all the support that we need. As you can see the budgetary allocation to the health sector and we have been directed to use it to buy modern hospital equipment. We are also improving welfare of our workers.”

“The 72 Hillux vehicles and 6 ambulances were purchased so that they can be use to improve programme coordination and management of our HIV/AIDS programme across the states of the federation so that programme officers of our HIV/AIDS can move around the 774 local governments in the country to improve efficiency and capacity of the services been delivered about HIV/AIDS, tuberclosis and malaria programme.”

The minister thanks the developing partners, the FHI360 for effective coordination and management of the funds to the point of taken delivery of the multi billion dollars projects.

Speaking on the occasion, FHI 360, Project Director, Global Fund GC 6, Mrs Christiana Lamiyan, said the journey though tough but with resilient they were able to take delivery of the project promising the equipment and vehicles will be used judiciously.