UNILAG Muslim Alumni identifies entrepreneurship as alternative to economic sustainance

By Amidu Arije

Worried by the hard economic difficulties confronting the nation and the resultant effect on Nigerians, University of Lagos Muslim Alumni (UMA) has identified entrepreneurship as an alternative to economic realities for the country.

The alumni at its 34th annual general meeting held at the Islamic Hall of University of Lagos on Monday said the economic woes facing the country can be resolved if entrepreneurship is given its desired attention.

Speaking on the topic “Re-thinking entrepreneurship, in a changing economic landscape’ on the occasion, Dr Ayodele Ibrahim Shittu said entrepreneurship remains the best option for all Nigerians to make ends meet in the face of economic woes.

Dr Shittu while speaking on the occasion enlightened the gathering on the need to have a rethink on entrepreneurship and take it as an alternative to wealth creation and self sustainance.

Giving ways of exploring entrepreneurship, the UNILAG lecturer at the Economics department said Nigerians can choose entrepreneurship by investing in already existing profitable business, engage in intraperneruship where he advocated value adding to whatever individuals do at the work place as an alternative means of making money.

Dr Shittu also said extraprenuership is another sure plough to making money in the face economic difficulties. Extraprenuership, he said is the ability of individuals to identify business ideas and ask investors to key in.

Speaikng at the AGM, the UMA president, Prof Khalid Adekoya thanked members for their continued support for the alumni.

Prof Adekoya said the alumni having realised the need to better the source of income of their members resulted to the theme of the discus to open their minds to different ways to generate passive income and eventually becoming self sustained.

He said; “As a contribution to the national discourse on sustainable developmental goals about entrepreneurship and its importance in the achievement of national development, the theme of this 34th AGM is very apt and germane in the pursuit of self reliance to members of UMA in particular and the general public.”

Reeling out his cabinet’s achievement since last assumption of office a year ago, Prof Adekoya said the alumni has been able to sustain gains of last administration and building on it for the greater growth and development of the association.

Also in an effort to ensure its members lived a healthy life, the alumni earlier held free medical check for them. The organisation also held an health enlightenment sensitisation for all the members.

In the health talk delivered by Dr Maridheeyah Olokodana-Adesalu, the members were urged to take seriously their health as she said the urge to earn a living should not deprived them of having a sound health.

Dr Olokodana-Adesalu spoke extensively on the importance of regular health screenings for all emphasising it to be the only way to take charge of their health at old age.