Yuletide: Lagos SA on Environment, Rotimi-Akodu, Felicitates Christians

… Urges moderation in celebration, cleaner environment

By Amidu Arije

Rotimi-Akodu in his yuletide message to Lagosians urged moderation in the face of merrymaking and excitement.

The Special Adviser on Environment while congratulating the residents called for proper disposal of wastes saying all forms of indiscriminate dumping of refuse should be avoided to ensure continued cleaner Lagos.

He said; “I congratulate our Christian faithful on the occasion of this year Christmas celebration. As we congratulate and celebrate the yuletide, let’s maintain moderation in celebration.

“I also urge all Lagosians to as they celebrate this season avoid indiscriminate dumping of refuse into the waste channels or other unapproved dumping sites to ensure that the THEMES agenda on cleaner Lagos is achieved.

“Let’s ensure we celebrate in an environmental friendly atmosphere where there is cleaner and safer environment. It is only in a safe and clean environment that celebrations are best enjoyed.”

The Special Adviser also cautions events centres and others against noise pollution as they go about celebrating the season. Saying the noise must be control to the required decibel not to disturb other environment users.

He urged them to imbibe the culture and spirit of being one’s neighbour keeper by respecting the rights of others against noise pollution.

“It is important to remind our people that in celebrating Jesus Christ we must not inconvenient other through noise pollution. Jesus himself preaches against disturbing others. We must keep the noise level to the required decibel.”

Adding, Rotimi-Akodu said; “We must also avoid the blockage of roads all in the name of celebration as this will deprived other road users right to access the roads. Let’s maintain orderliness in all will do in the environment. “

“I wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance as we keep the environment safe, cleaner, and greener.”